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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a common in digital marketing (SEO, SEM, SMM & SMO) which have mainly focused on improving the appearance of a website in the free or unpaid search results where users will find in major search engines including Bing, Google & Yahoo!.

Search engines use different “CRAWLERS” or “SPIDERS” to visit your website and determine what your website and business are about. This directly influences how visitors may find your website when performing searches in online.

How Search Engine Optimization Work?

SEO moto is influence your website’s positioning for relevant keywords via on-page & off-page optimization strategies. Via these strategies your website will increase in the rankings for keywords important to your business.In plain english, if your site is not ‘mobile friendly’ it probably isn't being displayed in Google search listings on mobile devices. That’s an enormous amount of potential clients that may never get to see your site. According to recent studies more than 73% of searches are now done on mobile devices.

How can Search Engine Optimization affect my company?

Many buyers are starting to use the Internet as a main source of information when searching for products & services they are interested in it. Search engine optimization focuses on putting your business out there in front of those who are actively & recently searching for what you have to offer. While having a website can provide potential buyers & customers with vital information about your company, a website is nearly useless for marketing if the visitors are not being driven to it.Having a responsive website gives you a great advantage because you only need update your website from one place and you don’t present your potential customers with the obstacle of having to download an app.

Via search engine optimization(SEO) a vast audience of website users can be driven to your website giving you the opportunities to convert more visitors into buyers for leading to greater revenues.

SEO Features

Website Analysis

For our team to appropriately implement effective SEO strategies time is spent performing a via analysis of your existing website. Via research & information gathering we take a look at the overall size of the website in terms of pages, perform an in-depth review, & compare your website to the websites of your competition for your business. Meanwhile we begin the process of planning out a detailed campaign with on-page, off-page, and keyword research elements are involved.

Technical Preparation

We spend time analyzing the platform of your existing website in order to understand the technical aspects and limitations involved in the project. Time is spent looking at how accessible a website is from a crawler’s perspective to identity key elements that may prevent a crawler from properly doing its job. There are lot of statistical tools are used to measure loading times, visitor impact and overall performance of the website via metrics found to be vital to the success of SEO. We then provide an analysis covering a large number of aspects ranging from broken links to appropriate error messages and error codes being handled.

On Page Optimization

Much of the SEO work involves handling on-page elements which often relate to whether the content is being properly indexed, keywords are being read by the crawler, and whether H1 and H2 tags are being used in the most effective manner to allow Google and other major search engines to rank the website effectively & properly. Further analysis is provided on the current link structure and content keyword density alongside steps to improve upon both metrics. Tests are also performed to identify the potential for duplicate content in order to make the necessary changes required to properly ensure a high content integrity.

Off Page Optimization

In order to improve the performance of your website in terms of placement within search rankings it becomes important to also build a number of off-page elements which major search engines use to determine the relevance and importance of pages on the Internet. Many of these strategies include submitting your website across social bookmarking communities, various directories and other online resources. Link building is performed to obtain relevant and influential links to your website. Press releases are created with relevant content in order to improve the relevance and traffic to your website from other sources. Many search engines see this as a critical component in determining the relevance and importance of a website.

Submission Reports

We will provide reports offering customers with detailed information about the progress of their SEO project. This will include reports of how your website is performing in major search engines, for specific search phrases, and the progress of various link building and directory submission efforts. A complete analysis for performance is provided to ensure you understand the progress of your SEO project every step of the way.

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