What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

In 2015, Google have rolled out a change to search engine algorithms which now factor in a website’s mobile presence as ranking signals. This reason alone can justify that why responsive design is so important!

Now a days, number of smartphone users internationally will surpass 2 billion in 2016.

Benefits of the responsive design for mobile:

The number one benefit of a responsive design is the guarantee that any user can see with any device will have the best experience possible on your website.

Ease with focus on your target audience.

The Google algorithm changes, a responsive web design increases visibility on search engines because it is highly mobile-friendly.

A website with an effective mobile experience will show the good search results in google search engine.

Why responsive design is important for business?

  • Increase the reach customers and clients on smaller devices (tablets, smartphones and etc ).
  • A consistent experience that can increase lead generation, sales and conversions.
  • Analytics, tracking and reporting can be consolidated or monitor in one place.
  • Time and cost on site content management is decreased.
  • Easy readable text content.
  • Customer can hold the website long time without any disturb.

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